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Wildcraft sessions for Primary Schools...

We run bespoke, outdoor day experiences aimed at primary schools, to provide a rewarding, challenging and enjoyable alternative for extra-curricular enrichment, or something different to offer for the annual class trip.


The children are given the exciting task of surviving a day in the wild!  Activities they might do could be making fire by friction, cooking simple food over the fire, learning about using hand tools to create green wood craft items, shelter building, wild awareness and foraging for wild food.


An excellent, fun and educational opportunity, in a safe space, supported by our friendly, experienced and patient leaders!


Costings available on request as they will vary depending on group sizes and venue, but we do offer very reasonable rates.


We use Pinewood Scout Centre and Frylands Wood Scout Centre, but we can use local green spaces or even come to you if you have suitable space within your school grounds.

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