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Autumn/Winter Party guidance...

Think about how the people you are inviting will cope with potentially cold and/or wet weather.  If you are considering an outdoor party in the winter months, it’s likely that you and your family are already geared up and willing to do this.  Bear in mind that your guests may not be.  Please make sure they are fully aware of what they are coming to, and what they need to wear and bring for a happy experience!


There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! It is essential that you make sure your guests know to dress appropriately for the party.  In particular we find that girls’ parties often result in some very pretty outfits, but not very warm ones! Under- fives are particularly vulnerable to getting cold which doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be outside, we just need to make sure we’ve got the clothing right!   We provide lists of recommended kit.


Ask guests to bring spare clothes in case they get really wet or muddy.  This is very much a  reality in the winter months if someone accidentally slips in the mud or gets a bit excited in the puddles!


Tell parents to be geared up for transporting a wet and/or muddy child home! Bin bags for the car seats, spare clean shoes, or we like outside layers that can be peeled off and put in the boot to be found dried into a crust in the spring!


Bring a couple of Thermos flasks of hot chocolate / hot soup.  This can be drunk on arrival to warm people up and help them feel good at the start.  One of our mums had the great idea of mugs in the party bags for this very purpose!


Consider which venue you choose. We recommend using Pinewood Scout Centre in Shirley for winter parties as they have a permanent tepee shelter and are in general more sheltered from cold winds as they are in a valley.  They also have indoor space which can be used at extra cost.  Look at our venue information for detail about pricing.


Please support the facilitator by not over focusing on challenging weather.   Rather stay positive by encouraging folk to join in our energetic games, warm up by the roaring fire and make sure your guests have enough hot drinks to warm their bellies!




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