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Frylands Wood Scout Centre, Featherbed Lane, Selsdon.


A lovely 60 acre private woodland with lots of small camps with fire sites and some log seating. There are usually other users on site in other camps, but they are not intrusive.   A perfect party venue for the warmer months.  £1.80 per head (including adults and party facilitators).


Pinewood Scout Centre, Shirley Church Road, Shirley.  


A private 6 acre pine woodland, with a tepee shelter, green woodworking area, lake and scout hut for hire.  Possible to hire for sole use.   Perfect for the winter months.   £3 per head (including adults and party facilitators) per half day session or £55 midweek / £80 weekend sole use per half day session including hire of Scout Hut.  Will require a deposit.


Local Woodland  


We are happy to run parties in local Croydon Woodland pending council permission (particularly in you want a camp fire).  Prior events have happened at Littleheath Wood, Biggin Wood, Beulah Heights, Coombe Wood, Foxley Wood, Wandle Park and Grangewood Park, and we are open to discussion about other venues.  Only Coombe Wood and Wandle Park have a nearby toilet, so guests would need to be prepared for this, and for the likelihood of passers-by and dog walkers.   There is likely to be a charge from the council for the more central venue of Coombe Wood.


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