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Spring/Summer party guidance

Prepare for rain!  As tempting as it is not to pack a raincoat, we always recommend that children come prepared just in case.  Summer storms are not unheard of!


Wear sunblock and hats.  If it is sunny, then young skin needs to be protected, even if we are under trees a lot of the time.  We are not allowed to apply sun lotion to other people’s children in case they are allergic to it, so please make sure you come prepared and have permission to apply it to your guests if they need it.   A cool hat/cap could be a party bag idea!  


Ticks. Although a tick bite is rare, we do feel obliged to highlight the potential for this to parents as the possible outcome (Lymes Disease) can be serious.  Many ticks do not carry Lymes and this risk is certainly not a reason for anyone not to be outdoors.  In fact risks are very much reduced if everyone knows what to do.  Take precautions by wearing long trousers, and socks which cover the ankles.  Ticks are found in the summer months, in places where foxes and deer frequent, most often in long grass.  They drop off the animal and can then attach themselves to people and may often go unnoticed as they are so tiny.   Make sure you check your child after being in long grass and woodland, especially in the armpits and other bodily creases.  They are more likely to bite from the waist up on a child and from ankles to waist on an adult.  If you find a tick on you or someone else, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT ON YOUR OWN as this is when the risk of transmission is highest.   See a doctor straight away.  Please have a look at the following website for full guidance about what to do if you think you have been bitten or have a tick on you.


Hydration.  Make sure you provide some bottles of water for your guests.  They will probably be running around a lot and getting thirsty.  We have a water canister which can be used to refill bottles a second time and some of our venues have water taps nearby.


Long hair and dangly bits!  They just get in the way and can be a real hazard when toasting marshmallows by the fire and using tools, or getting caught up in bushes in running games.   Hair up if possible, and dangly jewellery / accessories left at home.


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