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Family Woodland fun this May Half Term..

Our fab Family sessions are happening all around the borough this May!


Come with your family and take part in woodland crafts, camp fire cooking, exploring, games and storytelling.  Activities are suitable for 2+ but babies are always very welcome!  We try and cater for all ages, so it means that you can bring your little ones and your bigger ones to the same event.  For this reason we just ask that you bear this in mind if not all the activities we're offering are suitable for your child.  


We like the idea of free play and will be perfectly happy for children to dip in and out of activities as they choose.  They may even start activities of their own too, which is fine by us!


Activities are different from day to day, so you could come to more than one session too!


You may have noticed a small price increase...we thought it was high time one of our much needed volunteers should be paid as an assistant at these sessions.  We hope you understand and will still love us and come along!


This is where we'll be playing...


Mon 29th May - Grangewood Park 10.30-12.30pm


Tues 30th May - Littleheath Wood 10.30-12.30pm