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Kids Wild Adventure Club (KWAC!) Ages 7-11

Let your children Go Wild with us this school holiday!  


Our kids club offers a longer time for them to really get involved in nature and all the fun activities we can possibly squeeze into 5 hours!


No parents are needed, so its an opportunity for you to have some much needed 'You Time' (who are we kidding - probably you'll go food shopping, decorate the hall, take the cat to the vet, but anyway...!)


Booking in advance is essential as we need a signed and completed consent form for every child taking part as we will have duty of care for your precious ones while they are with us.


Cost £29.50 per child from 10.30am - 3.30pm each day.  We do different activities every day, and may often do big projects which span two or three days so it can be good to block book.  Block bookings will usually be discounted depending on the sessions available.


We're playing on the following dates:

Wednesday May 31,  Monday 8th - Wednesday 10th August

Overnight camp 22-23 August (participants must have attended at least 2 day camps first)