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We're piloting a new idea!  As a parent you might find the idea of having a coffee and cake break and a whole conversation with someone an increasingly fond memory, so we thought it might be nice to offer a short creche service mid-week for parents to get that break, while their little one/s Go Wild with us! 


We're looking at accessible Croydon venues which have both cafes and green spaces, and so far Coombe Wood, Lloyd Park and Wandle Park have jumped out at us as good venues.


We're looking for expressions of interest, comments and ideas from folk before we go ahead with a pilot and have attached a very easy and short survey here...


This is for folk to offer their opinions and ideas.   Please only complete this if you think you'd be interested in attending so we can get an idea of whether anyone would even want to come!  Please do share with your contacts if you think you know someone who'd like to attend.


Thank you!